How did you know your friends are bi curious

Posted by | 9/18/2018

4 mistakes made by new members on dating websitesHave you ever fallen in love with a friend? And you want to tell him you want to have a little bi-curious dating, but you don't know for sure if she's like you, bi-curious men or bi-curious women. A person's sexual orientation is a very complex and intimate subject, and inquiring about it can cause a lot of trouble.

Remember that there is no physical proof that a person is bi-curious

There is no outside indicator that would clearly say that someone is 100%, bisexual men. Physical characteristics, behavior and so on cannot prove anything. The only way you know for sure is if he tells you himself. Certain behaviors or physical traits may be more common in bi-curious, but you also can't rely on them to determine how you feel about a person.

Some people have good reasons to hide their sexuality

You may really want to know if your friends are bisexuals, but they may have good reasons to hide it. Forcing them to come out can put them in danger, even if it's just you and him. For example, maybe his family has a serious homophobic tendency. In this case, after you confirm that she is bi-curious female, you may inadvertently treat him with special treatment or give some hints, which may lead to his coming out in front of others unexpectedly.

Being interested in a man doesn't mean he's not interested in a woman

If you're trying to figure out your friend's sexuality because you want to date him, remember that his interest in men alone isn't enough to prove he's not interested in women. Because of this, it's better to ask him directly, or to see how your relationship is going, than to guess for yourself.

Watch how he talks about bisexual men

Listen to what your friends say about other bisexual men. Does he often compliment other men on their attractiveness? Would he really praise the male photos he loves on bisexual dating sites, or the male stars that have recently taken fire? Does he hesitate to talk about a male athlete or office boy? Such a performance might suggest that he liked them more than he appreciated them. For example, he might say, "my god, I was out playing with tao all weekend. He's a really nice guy and I'm really comfortable with him."

Think about how he talks about women.

Notice if he shows a lack of interest in women in his speech, or if he shows little interest in women. That's one clue that he might be bisexual, curious singles. Usually, men are shy and dumb when it comes to women they like. If you don't see any of that, he's probably gay. For example, will he be reluctant or uncomfortable when you offer to hook him up?

Notice sexual or shameful or embarrassing behavior

When a person conceals his sexuality, he often has to conceal a lot of things. Your friend may even have come out, but not to you, which means he's hiding another aspect of his life. Notice if they are hiding something or are ashamed or embarrassed about something, which may also be telling. For example, if you ask him to go out with you on the weekend of the gay pride festival and he says he's tied up, that might be a clue.

Look for physiological clues

There is a theory that natural bisexual men are related to the hormone levels in the environment they were born in. Hormone levels may be showing up in actual physiology, which is a clue to a man being bi-curious men. See if his gait and figure are feminine if his fingers are long and slim. These clues may prove that his exposure to high levels of estrogen in the womb before birth had an impact on brain development. But keep in mind that this is not a 100% infallible clue. There are many other factors that contribute to these physical changes, so don't take them as conclusive evidence.

Consider other possibilities

You should think that all of these signs might point to other possibilities as well. This male friend of yours may not be bi-curious, and maybe at the other end of the Kinsey scale. He might be: Gay, that is to say, he is interested in the same sex.

Don't judge by his taste

What a boy likes to do is not a good way to judge whether he is gay or not. Just like some girls like to watch football games, boys may like things that are usually associated with girls or that are curious about bi dating. Straight men, for example, may also enjoy figure skating, dancing, and movies.

Don't judge him on his favorite entertainment

The films he's seen and the music he's heard isn't good enough to identify him as straight, or bisexuals, which is more of a combination than Elton John and George Takei.You have to look for anything other than a song list. Straight men, for example, may also enjoy Lady Gaga, musicals, and romantic movies

Don't judge a man by his appearance, dress, or appearance

It's a stereotype: if a boy is curious about clothes or spends a lot of time fixing his hair, it's bi-curious.However, it is unwise to rely on the common phenomenon of men becoming more concerned with their appearance these days. You shouldn't assume he's straight just because he's macho and can't figure out the right side of the comb.

Don't trust his friends

Here's the number of gay men in America. Everyone has different needs for social relationships. Maybe he just feels more comfortable with his friends.

Talk to him with respect

Find time to be alone. Schedule a time for two people to talk alone. It's a very private topic, and you don't want to embarrass him in front of others. You also have to talk about other heart-to-heart topics, and then naturally lead to this and have a frank conversation. Be sure to make him feel at home and create an atmosphere of trust so that both of you feel that you can share your innermost private feelings with each other.For example, you can talk about those bilateral websites or bisexual dating app.

Let him know you love him

He doesn't have to hide his true self from you. You can talk about another bi-curious friend. If you don't want to be curious about your friend, say what happens to you if someone comes out. For example, you might say, "I really admire people like Neil Patrick Harris. He lets all the conservative people see that there are actually many sides to bisexual people simply by eliminating prejudice. How happy he is now! I hope every comrade can live as justly and proudly as he does.

Give him a chance to tell you himself

Now that you've set a precedent and let him know that you're a safe and credible conversation partner, give him the time and opportunity to come clean with you. He may not confide in you during this conversation, and probably not for a week. However, if he's really bi-curious women, then maybe he'll tell you when he feels comfortable enough to trust you.If you want him to tell you, it's important to maintain an environment of trust. Don't gossip about anyone, because revealing any secret will make him think that one day you will reveal his secret too.

Ask him directly

Of course, if he doesn't say anything, or if you don't want to make any assumptions based on his behavior, just ask him. It makes sense to cut to the chase. This is the best way to determine whether someone is gay or not, much more respectable than surmised. This can be a bit awkward, but if a friend trusts you, he will most likely confide in you. Say something like this: "you know no matter what, you'll always be my friend. I didn't want to make a wild guess and cause a misunderstanding between us, so I just asked. Are you gay?" Cut to the chase. As long as the application is appropriate, straight - cut can solve many problems.

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